Why should you join the ITI Media, Arts & Tourism Network?

In MAT, we have an invaluable resource of ITI members working in fields of media, the arts and tourism, fields which often – if not always – demand significant experience, terminology knowledge, research and creativity. Whether you have decades of experience or are just starting out in the profession, MAT offers a range of member benefits including expenses for attending face-to-face events, informal peer support and an online discussion group for members, many of who are experts in their field and are always willing to share their specialist knowledge and CPD recommendations.

As a member, you will be invited to sign up to the e-group where you can post queries and share your own knowledge. Job offers are also occasionally posted. We actively encourage participation from translators new to the profession, and no question is too basic, so no-one needs to feel shy about posting! Upcoming events are also advertised on the e-group.

How to become a member

If you are thinking about joining MAT, please get in touch with our membership Secretary Mary Consonni.

Two-year membership costs £20 for FITI/MITI and £10 for other ITI categories.

The joint coordinators of MAT are Beth Fowler and Jeremy Roe. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

LinkedIn: Media, Arts and Tourism are on LinkedIn

Please note: membership of one of our Networks does not constitute membership of ITI.