Sessions will run from 10am - 12pm BST

This two-part course is aimed at translators who would like to specialise in financial translation. It will provide a valuable insight into the nature of each type of specialisation in financial translation and the current trends, the challenges involved, and how to focus on finding premium clients in the finance sector.

You will learn:

  • The writing skills and the financial background required for each financial specialisation
  • What the basics of finance, accountancy and economics are
  • How to overcome the challenges of each specialisation
  • Current trends in financial translation
  • Ways to target and connect with your niche clients

Having learnt about all types of documents involved in financial specialisation, at the end of the course you will receive a bonus directory of financial terminology.

Course outline:

What makes a good financial translator?

  • Document types and associated writing styles/register (writing for different audiences)
  • What are the main types of clients?
  • Main areas of financial translation, e.g.:
    • Tax/accountancy: audits, annual reports, income statements, balance sheets, IFRS, etc.
    • Investment: prospectuses, bonds, equities, stock markets, funds, KIDs (key investor documents)
    • Banking, forex, etc.
    • Research/market analyses
    • Private equity
  • Importance of knowing the basics of economics and finance – resources for learning and developing your specialism
  • Extensive directory of finance terminology, other reliable sources of terminology, research techniques, etc.
  • Specialisations trends in financial translation
  • Challenges of financial translation per specialisation.
  • Ways to target and connect with your niche clients.