Discover how making the time and space to write, together, can benefit you as a translator or interpreter and improve the quality of the words you produce.

During this webinar, Dr Kate Sotejeff-Wilson will explain the concept of social writing, who benefits from it and how you can create time, space and community to write together.

It will include a 10-minute taster of social writing so please come with something you need to write, e.g. a social media post or professional profile and we will start it during the webinar.

From the webinar you will learn about the benefits to translators and interpreters of writing together which include:

  • Focus. Prioritise your own words, which shape your translation/interpretation of other people’s. For interpreters, time to focus on your written instead of spoken words
  • Productivity. Find time for anything you need to write as a T&I professional and might put off... social media profiles, blogs and articles, portfolios and websites, training material, even books
  • Community. Find colleagues to set up an accountability or co-writing group to get your writing done.

For your clients, the benefits of your social writing include

  • Understanding. A greater awareness of process, i.e. how your client might write the texts you translate. This can help you give constructive feedback and even intervene earlier when the client is still writing the source text
  • Style. A stronger sense of your own writing voice, and where that can differ from your client’s style, makes for better translations
  • Efficiency. Goal setting and evaluating increases your productivity, which makes your T&I work for your clients more efficient.