01 Jun 2022

ITI Awards 2022 - Results

The ITI Awards 2022 were presented at the Gala Dinner at the ITI Conference on May 31st and we were delighted to be able to make the presentations in person again after two years of online Awards. Congratulations to all the winners.
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Download details of all our 2022 winners here.


John Sykes Memorial Prize

(The recipient of this award is selected by the current and previous two ITI chairs.)

Winner: The Directorate-General for Translation – European Commission

John Sykes Prize 2022

DG Translation is the European Commission's in-house translation service. They translate for Europe in all the official languages of the European Union, with a yearly output of around 1.5 million pages, and are the largest translation service in the world.

However, this award is not simply for the translation work that they do, or for the way they do it. More importantly, this award is for the efforts they make to tell people about translation, through a number of different programmes (too many to list in detail here) such as their Visiting translator scheme (VTS) which encourages cooperation between the translation world and EU universities, or the European Day of Languages, a single day when people outside our profession show a real interest in translation.

Above all, they have organised the Juvenes Translatores contest every year since 2007. This promotes language learning in schools across the EU and has inspired and encouraged budding linguists to pursue their dreams and become professional translators. The statistics for the 2021-2022 competition speak volumes: quoting from their website, “participants could choose to translate between any two of the EU’s 24 official languages. Of the 552 language combinations available, the 940 entrants from 689 schools that took part in the contest used 153, including less common combinations such as Portuguese into Finnish, Bulgarian into Swedish, and Slovak into Greek”. This is truly inspiring.

We are delighted to recognise DG Translation, European Commission, for everything they do to promote our profession.

MITI assessment awards

(These awards recognise the individuals who achieved the highest mark in the MITI assessment over the previous membership year.)

John Hayes Prize for excellence in translation
Winner: Joëlle Bouille

Best performance – interpreting assessment
Winner: Summer Mouallem

Open awards

(These are the awards for which entries were invited. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our judges for all the hard work they put in. Our judges this year were: Louise Killeen, Jonathan Downie, Helen Wagner, Louisa Waugh, Sarah Bawa Mason, Ann Brooks, Jacqui Flint, Lynn Urch, Winnie Joseph, Sarah Bowyer, Ben Jones, Paul Appleyard and Katie Belo Dos Santos.)

It is testament to the quality of the entries received that in addition to the Winners, so many Special Commendations were awarded this year

Best Student Research
Winner: Karen Curtis
Special Commendation: Jemma Stafford

Best Newcomer – Freelancing
Winner: Andrew Bell
Special Commendation: Marjolein Thickett

Outreach Champion
Winner: The Stephen Spender Trust

Best performance on a translation assignment
Winner: Aleksandra Chlon, Magdalena Herok-Broughton and Alicja Tokarska
Special commendation: Alicja Tokarska

Best performance on an interpreting assignment
Winner: Asma Suleman
Special commendation: 
Mike Downey and Susan Swann Higgins

Corporate Member
Winner: AJT

Best newcomer – Employee
Winner: Charlie Reston

Mentor of the Year
Winner: Christèle Blin
Special Commendation: Agata McCrindle

Network events and initiatives
Winner: Polish Network