12 Dec 2019

Celebrating the work of ITI regional groups and networks

Written by Catherine Park

ITI’s Networks and Regional Groups play an important role for translators and interpreters in a variety of ways, including networking, support, mentoring and professional development events. 

One way in which the Institute recognises the importance and value of our Networks and Regional Groups' achievements is with the Regional Groups and Networks – Best Event or Initiative award category in the ITI Awards. And the diversity of groups’ achievements is also illustrated by the winners and special commendations from when this award was first introduced in 2017.


Winner: ITI Medical Network

The award was made to the ITI Medical Network for its workshop on 'Acute Medicine – assessment and diagnosis’ held in September 2016 at University College London School of Pharmacy. The workshop, led by a senior consultant in the field, allowed both experienced and beginning translators to learn and benefit from key terminology and information essential for producing accurate and quality translations.

Special commendation: ITI Spanish Network

The Spanish Network received a special commendation for its mentoring scheme which has been running successfully for a number of years. The scheme was initially conceived to fill a gap in feedback for new translators who were starting to look for work but unsure they were good enough to work in the market. It offers reassurance to new translators while also developing the skills of more experienced translators in giving feedback.

Special commendation: Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters

The group received a special commendation for its scheme offering its members bursaries to attend ITI’s biennial conference. Key aims of the scheme include encouraging less-experienced members to attend a national event and providing financial support to members who are at a stage in their career when they have less disposable income.


Winner: ITI Western Regional Group

The ITIWRG organised translation slams in Bristol and Bath that helped to promote strong working relationships with the academics responsible for translation courses at the universities in these two cities. The slams also complemented students’ academic learning by giving them insights into the types of text a professional commercial translator might be asked to translate.

Special commendation: ITI Cymru Wales

This commendation was for the group’s co-working initiative. The group’s co-working days have become very popular with local professionals – reducing isolation, increasing cohesion and strengthening the status of the profession at the local level.


Winner: North West Translators’ Network

NWTN has introduced a Social Saturday format that has boosted attendance at meetings, increased Network participation and encouraged membership of NWTN and ITI. Members can combine continuing professional development with a shopping trip or a night out, and while they acquire new skills and network in a relaxed, friendly environment, their family members can enjoy sightseeing in Manchester.

And let's not forget the award success of the Italian Network in 2017. They actually won in the Innovation category but their achievement was also an excellent example of an initiative that met the CPD and networking needs of their members. Their new online community had a number of positive outcomes, including a higher proportion of younger members for the group, more members overall, and higher levels of interaction and participation.

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