Words that wow

3 July 2023 1.30pm – 4.30pm BST + Add to calendar Workshop
Discover words that into-English translators never think to use (but should).
Words that wow.jpg

It’s easy to produce bland, generic, insipid translations that more or less get the meaning across (properly referred to in the field as “flapdoodle”). But it’s also a risky proposition, because you’re sure to leave your reader cold and unimpressed. Not to mention that it’s no fun.

If you want to spark joy, showcase your human value, wow your clients, and enthral your readers, you need to dare to use colourful real-life words that turn heads and move hearts—just like professional writers do every day.

This 3-hour workshop for all into-English translators will have you working on gobbledygook to come up with cogent, inspired, incisive words that will elevate your texts to new heights.

With this training, say goodbye to run-of-the-mill translations and hello to crisp, lively, compelling prose that will delight your clients and strike a resounding chord with your readers.