Neurodiversity Network: Words matter - ND lexicography & etymology

28 November 2023 4pm – 5pm GMT + Add to calendar Networks

The choice in language around neurodivergence can be influenced by our attitudes and perspectives of the speaker. Generally speaking, the language can be aligned with either the medical model of disability or neurodiversity. The language of the medical model is deficit-focused, whereas the language used in the neurodiversity model acknowledges and celebrates neurological differences.

One of the aims of the network has always been to shift our focus to perceiving autism and ADHD as an alternative rather than a deficient way of thinking, viewing, and experiencing the world.

Join us for this discussion on how we can achieve this with a careful use of language. 

Network member fee: Free 

Location: Zoom

Contact email: [email protected]

Contact name: Carola Lange

Booking closes: 27 November 2023


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