An introduction to PerfectIt

29 June 2021 11am – 12pm ITI online webinar

Find out about the PerfectIt software, how it can save you time editing documents and help you to improve their accuracy.

The webinar is aimed at translators and editors who are either new to PerfectIt and would like to learn about what it can do, or are current users who have not delved into the more advanced features.

Find out:

  • What PerfectIt does straight out of the box
  • How the basic settings can be customised
  • How to add items that PerfectIt should look for (words that should or should not be hyphened or capped, words that should be avoided, etc.)
  • How to use wildcards for more advanced searches

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the Webinar library for you to access afterward.

ITI members: Free

Non-members: £10 +VAT