An introduction to respeaking

14 September 2021 11am – 12pm ITI online webinar
With the shift to live online communication there is an increased demand for respeakers, but a lack of professionals offering this service. Discover what is involved in offering intra- and interlingual respeaking as a service and the skills you will need to deliver it.

This webinar is aimed at translators, interpreters and pre-recorded subtitlers, at any stage of their career, who would like to learn more about respeaking as a form of access for live content.

In this webinar you will:

  • Discover how respeaking works, the current state of affairs and training opportunities
  • Learn about intra- and interlingual respeaking as an emerging service that is in increasing demand by broadcasters, event organisers and user associations to make content accessible to a wide-ranging audience
  • Explore the skills required for respeaking and what it takes to create live subtitles for television and events.

Respeaking, also referred to as live subtitling or speech-to-text interpreting, is a method to produce live subtitles via speech recognition software. It can be used for television and for live events such as conferences, meetings, webinars, medical appointments and more. Respeaking can be carried out intralingually (e.g. English to English) and interlingually (e.g. Spanish to English).

Respeakers listen to the audio and repeat, paraphrase or translate what’s said adding punctuation, and labels to identify speakers and sounds. Respeakers use speech recognition software, such as Dragon, which turns the words into text, the live subtitles. As speech recognition is not always 100% accurate, respeakers make live error corrections of misrecognised words before releasing the text on screen.

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the Webinar library for you to access afterward.

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