Scientific writing

21, 24 & 28 October 2022 ITI online short course
  • Friday 21 October
  • Monday 24 October
  • Friday 28 October

Sessions will run from 10am-12pm BST

Learn the essentials needed by translators when translating scientific texts into English, or by editors when revising scientific texts written by non-native-speaking authors.

This online short course will give you the skills to create fit-for-purpose scientific translations that meet the needs of your clients. It is suitable for those already working in the sector or those considering moving into this specialism.

Language professionals without a background in science are often unsure about correct scientific style and about the conventions used by scientists in reports, research articles and grant applications for example. In this series of three webinars, you will learn about these conventions and where to find more information when in doubt. And since science is often complex enough, you’ll also be given advice on improving the clarity and readability of scientific texts.  

The presentations and exercises will include the following items:

  • Terminology
  • Numbers & nomenclature
  • Abbreviations
  • Figures & tables
  • References
  • Tenses in research articles
  • Passive versus active voice
  • Logical comparisons
  • Listing

The slideshows will be alternated with exercises in small groups and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions. Participants will also be provided with exercises in between the sessions to practice what they have learned.