Using PerfectIt and tailoring it to your clients’ needs

27 January 2022 9.30am – 12.30pm GMT ITI online workshop

This Workshop will take an in-depth look at the PerfectIt software, so you can learn how to use it to save time editing documents, help you improve their accuracy, and learn how to customise your style sheets. 

The workshop is aimed at translators and editors who do not use PerfectIt regularly or those who do not fully customise their style sheets at present and want to learn more. 

A very good workshop. Well thought out and prepared and I learned a lot, even though it was for everyone, from total beginners upwards.

Feedback from the PerfectIt Workshop

You will learn:

  • What PerfectIt does out of the box
  • How to use the Settings tab
  • How to adjust a style sheet while checking a document
  • How to manually change a style sheet in the style sheet editor
  • How to set up wildcards and adjust the advanced settings
Pleased to be walked through a tool that has turned out to be very useful for me and have to time to work with it and ask direct questions. Thank you!

Feedback from the PerfectIt workshop

The workshop will begin with a presentation of how PerfectIt detects inconsistencies and ensures compliance with a style guide. This will be followed by hands-on exercises where you will be guided through running PerfectIt on a document and adjusting the settings. Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to start setting up a style sheet based on a style guide of their choice and receive supervision as you do it.

You will gain the most from this workshop if you have PerfectIt downloaded to your computer so that you can use it during the session. It can be downloaded for a 15-day free trial so we recommend not to instal it more than 15 days before the workshop unless you know you want to purchase it.

ITI members: £50 + VAT

Non-members: £80 + VAT