We are a language specialist group with around 40 members. We are almost exclusively an online e-group although if several of us are attending other ITI events we do try and get together for a meal or a drink.

What is the aim of the group?

Our aim is to link translators and interpreters working from or into from and into Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and other Scandinavian languages, plus Finnish. This is principally for the purpose of asking questions or seeking advice about tricky translation problems or getting help with background information about situations/developments in the countries concerned. It is also a place to share information about relevant ITI or other events.

Why should I join?

We are a very friendly network, where members are always ready to help find answers to other people’s queries. It’s especially useful to have advice from native speakers of the above languages when new words/phrases have not yet reached the usual dictionaries or online sources. The group is also an occasional source of work opportunities, for instance if a member has been approached about a job they cannot take on because they don’t have time or it’s the wrong language direction or if an agency one of us works for is looking for more translators in a particular area.

Contact us

To join, email Rae Walter.