29 Nov 2021

Autumn 2021 Pulse Survey results

ITI’s latest Pulse survey reveals members continue to generate new business, despite uncertainty in the wider business environment.

66% of respondents to ITI’s Autumn 2021 Pulse survey reported that they had gained business from new clients in the last 12 months. This compares with 64% in the previous survey in Spring 2021 and is up 10% when compared with a year ago. 20% of respondents also reported receiving more work from existing clients, versus 18% previously and up 8% compared with autumn 2020.

Despite this positive trend in new business, the number of members feeling positive about the overall business environment declined to 53% (versus 56% in the spring survey). It is likely this reflects the continued uncertainty in the wider business environment which inevitably impacts on the confidence of members.


Respondents who are both translators and interpreters were the most positive about the overall business environment (54%) and interpreters the least positive overall (50%). Members at the beginning of their careers were the most positive.



The majority of members (60%) said they had managed to maintain their rates at a similar level, with 20% seeing a reduction (the same as in the Spring) and 20% an improvement (versus 17%).

Interpreters experienced significantly more volatility in their earnings compared to respondents overall. Only 16% said their earnings per hour / contract had stayed the same compared to 60% overall. However, 42% had experienced reductions (versus 21% overall) and a further 42% had experienced increases (versus 20% overall).

Looking ahead to 2022, technology skills, business skills and subject knowledge were the key areas where members foresee focussing their CPD next year. In particular, members are looking for courses on CAT tools and translation technology, specialisms, and client acquisition skills. The Professional Development Committee will be reviewing how the suggestions can be built into ITI’s CPD offering in the future.

Over 90% of respondents who use the ITI CPD log reported that the new logging tool introduced last year has made it easier for them to keep a record of their CPD.