26 Feb 2024
by Joanne Haslett AITI, Philip Walker AITI, Andrew Bell AITI, Ruth Hill AITI

Moving on up to AITI

Freelancers don’t have a line manager who encourages them up the career ladder, but ITI’s membership categories can fill that gap instead. We talk to four members who have moved up to Associate status.

Joanne Haslett

Moving into this category marked a step change in my freelancing. I’ve felt more confident in approaching new clients and have found it easier to secure new projects with existing agencies; I’ve also gained a number of direct clients.

My business has developed significantly since moving into the AITI category, and I know from client feedback that this is partly the result of this endorsement of my work and my commitment to CPD. For anyone looking to move up to the next ITI membership category, I’d recommend approaching clients for feedback and looking at the wide range of CPD that ITI offers as well as industry networks, specialism-focused webinars and workshops.


Philip  Walker

For me, upgrading was a marker: I have not followed the usual route of an MA followed by in-house experience, so ITI membership is important to me for credibility, as well as for the other benefits. I’m now in a position to show references for my translation work. I have gained a new language service provider (LSP) client recently and I would like to think the  AITI status helped with initial impressions, opening the door to the test translations they asked me to do. A professional membership  is part of your calling card: the first things a potential client knows about you. In time, I would love to qualify as an MITI.


Andrew Bell

My advice is this: don’t second-guess yourself, and just submit your application. I know a lot of people put it off until they have more free time, but there is no time like the present. When you fill in the application, you’ll see how much progress you’ve made in your career and realise that you deserve the recognition that comes with being an Associate member of ITI.


Ruth Hill

The first thing that changed when I moved up to AITI was that I could add my new post-nominals (AITI) to my email signature, which was exciting! I had always planned to upgrade as soon as I became eligible. I felt that it would give me more credibility with my clients as it demonstrates a higher level of experience. Direct clients might not immediately know the difference between Affiliate and Associate without researching it, but I work mainly with translation agencies, who are obviously familiar with ITI. I’ve noticed a higher response rate to my applications, and I think upgrading played a part in this. I plan to apply for Qualified Member status as soon as I can.

My advice to anyone thinking of doing the same: go for it! It shows your commitment to professional development. I’m fairly new to the industry, and I feel that being an Associate member of ITI gives me the credibility I might otherwise lack.


Interested in upgrading?

Upgrading to Associate membership is very straightforward. Just go to the Associate page of the website and click on the 'Apply online now' button. Complete contact details for two referees, and the Membership team will do the rest. When your application is approved you simply pay the difference beween your current category and the Associate category rate.

This article first appeared in the November-December 2023 issue of ITI Bulletin.