Sessions will run from 11am to 12:30pm GMT

Learn the principles of technical translation and find out how to develop the skills necessary to succeed in becoming a fully-fledged technical translator.

In a world where average word rates for translators have fallen, and there is mounting pressure on price from new, low-skilled entrants, technical translation is an excellent specialism for those prepared to gain the right skills. Technical translation requires a more extensive skills-set to get established and if you're prepared to invest in yourself, stability and better rates are the reward.

The course will cover all aspects of technical translation (scientific, technical and medical, with a particular focus on technology). 

The course comprises 2 x 90-minute sessions (6 and 13 December) and will be a mixture of presentations and practical exercises with feedback. You will learn:

  • The qualifications you will need and ways to adapt your current experience to succeed in this specialism
  • Ways to gain experience in the field
  • The practicalities involved in technical translations including CAT tools and glossaries
  • How to find translation agencies that work in this field and develop contacts with potential clients
  • Ways of building your technical translation experience
  • Practical translation issues
  • Common practical problems you may encounter and how to solve them
  • The types of specialisation within the field
  • Ways of continually improving your translations.


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David  Smith

David Smith

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