Advancing your scientific writing

7, 8 & 12 February 2024 + Add to calendar Workshop
  • Wednesday 7 February
  • Thursday 8 February
  • Monday 12 February
Develop your scientific writing skills so you can deliver high quality, clear and compelling documents to your clients. 
Advancing your scientific writing

Target audience

Some experience of working with scientific texts is useful, but beginners are also welcome. You may have attended Claire's previous Scientific Writing course but that is not essential. The course will be particularly useful for editors and translators who work on research articles, but the principles can also be applied to other texts.

About the workshop

In the three-part workshop we will focus on how you can write scientific documents that are clear and compelling.The training will include assignments and group work to help you develop your scientific writing skills and you will learn how to:

  • Improve the overall structure of a scientific text
  • Write sentences (including longer sentences) that are easy to read
  • Construct clear paragraphs that are properly structured
  • Use signposts/transition words to link sentences and paragraphs together and meet the reader’s needs and expectations
  • Use rhetorical structures to present ideas, arguments, and information in a coherent and logical way
  • How to deal with numbers and units and present quantitative information clearly and correctly in the text and in tables/figures
  • Work with scientific units and citations