Sessions will run from 2pm-4pm 

Discover how to make AI work for you as a translator or interpreter, and better serve your clients as a result.
Image of person using laptop with AI logo

AI tends to be overwhelming. There are so many tools and platforms out there, and who knows what (if anything) is genuinely useful for translators and interpreters? This workshop is an answer to that question, in the form of a light-hearted practical workshop featuring plenty of engaging examples.

During this two-part workshop you will:

  • Master the basics of generative AI and how it works
  • Gain an overview of key platforms and applications
  • Discover which tools are confidential
  • Understand the key areas where AI can be helpful for translators and interpreters
  • Grasp what makes for a good prompt and why
  • Come away with a fabulous list of ready-to-go prompts that will convert AI into your free personal assistant
  • Watch live demos of prompts for a range of purposes.

AI can seem threatening to the indutry. In this session, you will look at how you can use AI for your advantage and better serve your clients in doing so.