Be empowered by this financial business planning webinar. Gain practical insights and business tools to thrive in the translation and interpreting profession amid evolving market dynamics.
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Translators and interpreters often face unique financial challenges, including irregular income streams and fluctuating demand in work. Therefore, having a solid, long-term financial business plan is crucial for stability and sustainability.

This webinar with leading small business accountancy provider, FreeAgent,will delve into long-term financial business planning strategies, covering aspects such as setting financial goals and safeguarding your business in the current climate. This will include topics like establishing payment terms, reducing the risk of having non-paying clients, and maintaining meticulous records of income, expenses, and cashflow, all tailored to the translation and interpreting profession worldwide.

The webinar will show you how, with clear financial planning, you can set your business on a stable and sustainable path.

  • Establish a deeper understanding of financial planning
  • Discover long-term financial business planning strategies
  • Learn how to set realistic financial goals that align with professional aspirations
  • Understand risk mitigation and practical techniques for safeguarding your business in the current economic climate
  • Receive actionable tips and advice such as how to reduce the risk of encountering non-paying clients
  • Learn how to organise financial data effectively to make informed business decisions and maintain financial stability
  • Understand how economic factors, cultural differences, and industry trends impact financial strategies in different regions.

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