Increase your understanding of the key copyright issues that affect you as a translator or interpreter so you can protect your rights and ensure you are properly recognised and remunerated for your work.
Image of person holding copyright symbol

Historically there has been a lack of information available to translators and interpreters on the topic of copyright, despite this area being a growing concern for many working in the profession. 

With the increase in remote interpreting, many interpreters are now concerned about unpaid or poorly paid use of their voices and images. Meanwhile many translators continue to have concerns about how, when and if copyright passes from one party to the other.

This webinar is an opportunity for interpreters and translators to upskill their knowledge and awareness of copyright issues that may affect them. You will:

  • Gain an understanding of what copyright is
  • Discover how, when and if copyright passes from one party to another
  • Learn about copyright over written, spoken and visual content 
  • Find out about negotiating copyright clauses in client contracts
  • Find out about which questions to ask clients about copyright 
  • Learn about infringements of copyright and penalties.