Language is ever evolving and so are the people who work in the profession. In this webinar, Lynn Everson, Founder and MD of Lifeline Language Services, will explore the multifaceted career path that Project Management offers.

Too often, careers in project management at language service providers are overlooked or undervalued. At Lifeline, all in-house linguists are also project managers because this gives combined insight into applied language – including building and sustaining relationships with clients and suppliers.

Project management is exciting and multifaceted, as it can relate to translation, interpreting, voiceover, transcription, subtitling, formatting, etc. Every day involves assessing projects and their many stages, determining each milestone and the ultimate deadline while liaising with the many participants and stakeholders. Human psychology plays a big part…

This webinar is aimed at anyone considering or returning to a career in languages, seeking in-house positions or planning a freelance career in Project Management and will cover:

  • An introduction to the many paths in project management at LSPs
  • Insights into daily work as Project Managers (including interpreting and multimedia projects)
  • An overview of planning, dialogue and adaptation
  • Guidance on problem-solving through communication
  • A summary of some of the off-the-shelf project management systems