Gain a solid understanding of the different Audiovisual Translation (AVT) modes available for media localisation, and the main issues to consider, in this workshop with Sara Ramos Pinto, a leading researcher and trainer in the field. You will come away with the knowledge you need to decide whether to expand into this field.

In a world in which machine translation is developing fast and the production of video content is only accelerating, it is essential for translators to diversify their skills and to learn how to approach complex AVT products that push translation beyond verbal elements.

In this 90 min workshop, you will learn about

  • The main translational issues brought up by AVT products
  • Different types of AVT
  • Technical aspects of subtitling and dubbing
  • Translation strategies available

There will also be a discussion of examples and how to tackle their translation

This workshop is aimed at any professional in T&I with an interest in AVT or who wants to pursue AVT as a possible area of work but has little or no knowledge of what it is about or where to start. It will also be of interest to those who wish to expand their practice into localisation (including websites, tourist brochures or video games) as the principles on how to approach these products are very similar.