Empowering female translators to adopt new negotiation techniques and reduce the gender pay gap.
Image of women negotiating

In an evolving world where supply and demand play a central role, freelance translators and interpreters must develop their business skills. Practice shows that men and women with similar education and expertise, see and interact with the world differently and this is where the gender pay gap begins.

Typically women are not worse negotiators than men, but they often have lower expectations, different communication traits, and also have to counteract gender bias. So what should women do to better use and improve their negotiation skills? This webinar aims to help female freelance translators find new ways to reduce the pay gap and help male freelance translators understand the difference in approach that may be needed when negotiating with women.

This webinar will equip you with the necessary tools to improve your negotiation skills by covering:

  • An overview of negotiation and its importance in our professional and personal lives
  • Gender differences in negotiation strategies
  • How societal norms and cultural expectations influence the negotiation behaviour of women
  • Strategies to build and exhibit confidence in negotiations
  • A comparison between collaborative negotiation and a competitive approach
  • Practical tips to navigate negotiation challenges effectively.

Through awareness and skill development, everyone has the potential to improve their negotiation outcomes. ITI is an inclusive organisation and this webinar is open to all, regardless of gender.