Sessions will run from 10am to 12pm. 

Elevate your subtitling skills to the next level with this two-part workshop.
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If you attended our Subtitling for beginners workshop, or you already have some experience of subtitling, this is a excellent opportunity to further develop and fine tune your subtitling skills. In this two-part workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice advanced timing skills, and to gain greater insights into some of the translation issues particular to subtitling.

You will:

  • Improve your timing skills, and gain an understanding of the timing conventions around shot changes
  • Develop familiarity with an industry-standard subtitling package
  • Gain an understanding of the template workflow
  • Learn about some of the translation challenges around humour, taboo language, cultural references, accent and dialect.

The growing popularity of streamed content and audiovisual media has led to an increase in demand for subtitlers. If you are a trained translator looking to expand your services, further developing you subtilting skills could be a great career move.