The 22 most underexploited tech tools for language professionals in 2022

29 April 2022 1.30pm – 3.30pm BST + Add to calendar

Discover which tech tools will make the most positive impact on your productivity and bottom line.

In recent years, the translation world has seen the emergence of dozens of tech tools that can shave significant time off our translations and free us up to focus on what truly matters. Yet amid today’s information overload, it can be hard to keep up with all the newfangled tools out there, let alone know which ones are worth our time and money.

In this two-hour seminar, Joachim will cover only the best tools—the ones that are worthwhile and will make a difference to your productivity and bottom line. The lineup includes free translation platforms, AI driven text-to-speech apps, consistency checkers, NMT output comparison software, term extraction tools, next-gen adaptive NMT engines, and more. You will find out what is truly useful, as well as when and why.

There will be live demos throughout and the opportunity to ask questions, so you can determine which tools might be worth adding to your toolkit.

*Although the instructor will be pleased to answer specific questions about translation memories, they are not the main subject of this webinar.