Sessions will run from 1:30pm-5pm GMT

Learn to root out source-language interference by gaining a deep understanding of the word-, sentence-, and message-level hallmarks that make English… English!

This interactive online short course for translators at all levels has been acclaimed by a multitude of translators, ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned pros and distinguished professors, and draws on the trainer’s own extensive experience in the field

It covers the word-, sentence- and message-level hallmarks that every into-English translator needs to master, regardless of the source language. You will take part in hands-on exercises throughout so you can immediately apply what you learn to solve a variety of writing and translation issues.

Fascinating subject matter, great pedagogy, and nicely paced. Lots of useful stuff here, it's so helpful to really pick apart the language we use and we so rarely give ourselves the time and space to do it.

Lisa Tulfer

You will learn:

  • Some of the fascinating historical reasons why English is the way it is today
  • How to make your English… English thanks to Old English and Germanic words, phrasals, concrete and synthetic expression, and (tighter and looser) word pairs
  • How to revamp sentences to root out elegant variation, restore English sequencing, effectively couple subjects and verbs with their objects, use the passive voice wisely, and master parataxis to make your ideas flow like never before
  • How to leverage message-level hallmarks to make your paragraphs sparkle and shine
  • When to use each hallmark, thanks to real-life examples of texts (in a variety of genres) translated into English.

All the sessions will be recorded so attendees can listen back afterwards.

ITI members: £115 + VAT

Non-members: £145 + VAT