What’s the best way to do that in Trados? A Trados clinic for translators

5 December 2023 11am – 12pm GMT + Add to calendar FREE webinar
Join our technical support clinic and get all the answers, guidance, and tips about Trados software you need to help make you more effective and productive.

Professional translation work is achieved through a combination of a translator’s unique set of skills, knowledge and expertise, plus software to help make things faster and easier. Or so we hope! Each piece of translation work can present its own unique set of challenges and sometimes we need help to find the best way to get something done efficiently or to overcome a stumbling block.

Do you experience problems with, or want to know more about:

  • Using or maintaining translation memories
  • Working with and managing terminology
  • Aligning documents for translation
  • File type issues
  • Formatting
  • Queries about settings
  • Using machine translation and post-editing
  • Apps to make life easier
  •  AI and LLMs
  • Or something else?

With Trados, you can handle any file type that comes your way and leverage dozens of features to eliminate duplication of effort while you translate - Trados helps you to translate everything smarter, faster and more consistently. However, with so many features at your disposal, it's often difficult to know how to best use them to achieve the outcomes you desire.  

Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, join our technical support clinic for guidance, and tips about the Trados software you use. We're here to demystify any questions or challenges you have! 

Please send your questions ahead of time. You be will be sent a question form at the time of booking, allowing you to submit up to 3 questions to be answered during the clinic. Any questions not covered during the webinar will be responded to directly by email.


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Lydia Simplicio

Product Owner, Customer Enablement, RWS