The ITI Polish Network

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is at the heart of ITI Polish Network. We carefully curate our events and training opportunities to cater to the diverse interests and needs of our members. We aim to have at least one social and one professional development meeting every other month. All events are exclusive to PolNet members and come at no extra cost. Our members have already had the chance to participate in a variety of events, including sessions on localising video games, panel discussions on creating effective online profiles and professional websites, translation slams in both EN>PL and PL>EN language pairs, workshops covering subtitling and copywriting, to name a few.

Additionally, we hold regular Polish Book Club and Polish Film Club meetings, along with various revision club groups. We're eager to hear what our members need and want so that we can reach out to industry experts and offer our community valuable learning opportunities.

We asked Kate Webster, who joined our network in 2020, about what she values most as a member of the ITI Polish Network. Here's what she shared with us: “Getting to know other members, which is great from a social point of view, and being able to ask questions and join in discussions, through online events and messages on the e-group. The members of PolNet are really generous with sharing their expertise, experience and ideas, which is so helpful.”

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