We are a specialist network supporting translators and interpreters who work in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. We have approximately 290 members. We also have a full website with lots of information on.

What is the aim of the group?

Our aim is to provide mutual professional support and assistance to our members, through 5 main activities: our 2 email groups (general and business); the resources on our website, such as bi-annual newsletters (including bilingual glossaries from our workshops), workshop slides, information on the mentoring scheme, a regularly updated list of medical abbreviations and another of useful websites; medical translation workshops; and our bursary scheme.

Where do you meet?

We meet up both online and face-to-face.

We have 2 active email forums, one mainly for medical terminology questions, one mainly to discuss business matters (dealings with clients, tax, job offers, CPD etc.), and we hold twice-yearly medical translation workshops.