ITI Sports Network


We are a specialist network supporting sports translators and interpreters. We also welcome professional linguists who do not specialise specifically in sports, but who are interested in sports in general.

What is the aim of the group?

To provide a supportive, welcoming and friendly environment where language professionals specialising in sports, as well as linguists with a general interest in sports, can exchange and share their expertise, knowledge and passion for sports and/or sports translation and interpreting, as well as any relevant opportunities in the field, through various online and in-person events of both a professional and social nature.

Where do you meet?

We hold both online and face-to-face meet-ups, running a series of virtual and in-person events.

We have an active email forum where members can ask questions specifically about sports translation and interpreting and sporting terminology, share opportunities in the industry, discuss CPD events and industry developments, seek business advice from other members, etc.

What sort of events do you organise?

We are a brand-new network, but we have many ideas in mind for events. We hope to organise CPD opportunities in the form of webinars and workshops about sports translation and interpreting. We also intend to embrace the social nature of sports, organising many sports-themed socials and initiatives, such as stadium tours, virtual and in-person meet-ups for big games, races and sporting events, sports quizzes, sweepstakes for international tournaments, a Sports Net Fantasy Football League, etc.