SHEA (Sustainability, Horticulture, Environment and Agriculture) Network

Welcome to the homepage of the SHEA Network.


SHEA stands for Sustainability, Horticulture, the Environment and Agriculture. It is a wide-ranging network for translators and interpreters working in those fields, as well as the circular economy, conservation and many more.

The network offers an e-group for sharing information and advice, activities and talks to support continuing professional development, and a LinkedIn page to broaden our reach. We also send out a quarterly newsletter – the Green Gazette – with contributions from members such as eco tips, member profiles, recipes, event and book reviews.

SHEA committee members

Cherry Shelton – Coordinator

Belinda Allen – Coordinator & Treasurer

Yuno Dinnie – Social Media

Caitlin Job – Events

Rachel Corke – Events

Kerry Gilchrist – Website and newsletter