ITI Parent and Carer Network



The ITI Parent and Carer Network is a network for professional translators and interpreters who are also parents or carers (or prospective parents or carers).

The overall aim of the network is to provide a friendly forum for members with parenting or caring responsibilities to support each other and find ways to balance work and family commitments. It seeks to help members grow, learn and develop professionally, as well as finding new ways of working solo and together.

Other goals of the network include:

  1. To improve the working lives of parent/carer translators and interpreters, and to share best practice, tips and recommendations.
  2. To raise awareness of the challenges of being a working parent or carer, both within translation and interpreting circles and more widely in business. We would like parenting, childcare and caring needs to no longer be ‘taboo’, and to be able to speak freely with colleagues and clients about our personal commitments without fear of being seen as ‘unprofessional’.
  3. To help create translator partnerships, to help solve the issue of a lack of capacity, during times such as parental leave, in school holidays and during family emergencies.

We also run a range of events, including both those related to parenting or caring, and professional topics. These have included sessions on productivity, menopause, preparing for the teenage years, as well as social chat sessions.

We have an online forum where we share ideas.

You don’t have to be an ITI member, and best of all it’s FREE to join!

To join, please email: [email protected]

Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator: Katherine Capaldi and Katherine Parish

Events Officer: Roz Howarth

Treasurer and Membership Officer: Hayley Wood

General Committee Member: Philippa Hammond


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Katherine Capaldi


All ITI members adhere to the professional Code of conduct.