14 Nov 2022
by Marjolein Thickett, Anikó Pető-Mordovski , Gill Barringer

On the record

CPD comes in all shapes and sizes. Have you been keeping a record of what you have achieved?

ITI recommends that members undertake at least 30 hours of CPD a year and that you keep track by using the CPD Log. Once you get to 30 hours you will receive a logo and a certificate to demonstrate your achievements. But what happens after that? 

Many of our members achieve many more hours and while you probably don't need to be motivated to undertake the actual CPD, is it worth continuing to log it all? Well yes, because by having a complete record of what you have done you are better able to plan for the future. 

For a bit of extra motivation, this year we have introduced additional badges for achieving 50, 75, 100 and 150 hours of CPD. We hear from three members who have been clocking up their badges about what their CPD year has looked like so far.

Gill pic 2020.jpg

Gill Barringer

CPD has always been important to me. Not only was it a vehicle to getting started as a freelance translator, I feel it’s vital for maintaining sustained credibility in this ever-changing profession. I was therefore thrilled to have clocked up over 50 hours of quality CPD already this year – and I’m still counting!

ITI has always been a reliable source of high-quality CPD and I have continued to take advantage of the many free webinars they have been offering this year. In addition to this, I have had the opportunity to develop my specialism by attending on-line webinars hosted by my local business support groups, such as the North Somerset Enterprise Agency and BristolWest.

However, the most valuable CPD in terms of value added and number of hours has mostly come from three sources this year:

  • ITIWRG events including contributing to the profession as their Membership Secretary
  • Self-directed activities as a member of a Rev Club with fellow FR>EN translators as well as “buddying up” with an EN>FR translator
  • Most importantly, attending the ITI Conference in Brighton, where, among other things, I made some very fruitful contacts.

I have always loved learning and have truly felt I have reaped the rewards of it this year, moving my business onto the next level. Earning additional CPD achieved logos along the way has been a bonus!



Marjolein Thickett.jpg

Marjolein Thickett

So far in 2022/23, I have recorded 91 hours of CPD for my business. When it came to looking back, I was surprised by just how much I had managed to complete. It’s often easy to forget that listening to podcasts, reading a book at bedtime and even watching documentaries can count towards your CPD. As mum to two young children, podcasts enable me to listen to my languages actively, while also broadening my subject knowledge. To anyone short on time, I would recommend this wholeheartedly!

Another significant portion of my CPD hours has been made up of in-person and online events, such as the Cardiff UnConference, being interviewed on a podcast, a carbon literacy course and a DTP for translators course by the NWTN. I invested a significant proportion of time in translation skills by working with a mentor on my German translation and proofreading skills. Lastly, I also invested time in the NWTN, of which I am committee member and coordinator.

With another in-person event on the horizon (the BetterBusinessSummit in Manchester), I’m looking forward to achieving 100 hours and receiving my next CPD badge by the end of the year – now that’s motivation!


Aniko Peto-Mordovski.jpg

Anikó Pető-Mordovski

I’ve already got a lovely silver CPD badge from ITI this year for logging more that 100 hours of CPD but I won’t stop here. Obviously it's not all about badges, even though I can still go for gold if I achieve 150 hours, so why continue?

Needless to say, the more I know about my chosen subject areas, the more my clients will benefit. But this obvious reason is not the only one that motivates me to keep on logging my CPD.

Even after a decade in the industry, I’m not immune to the dreaded impostor syndrome. With CPD, I can become more confident in my abilities which helps me fight that annoying little voice in my head.

Learning about new ways to run my business, sell my services or adapt to unexpected situations helps me secure a steady flow of work and income, and I can also more confidently plan ahead for times when that might not happen.

Last but definitely not least, throughout my CPD journey I have met so many lovely colleagues and learnt a lot about how they work. I can truly feel I’m part of a community. We might have the support of our families as freelancers but nothing beats being part of a group of like-minded professionals when it comes to industry-specific advice!

Remember, the CPD year ends on 30 April each year so make sure your CPD log is up to date by then.