11 Mar 2021

Recording your CPD is now easier than ever

When the ITI website was relaunched last year, the members' CPD log was updated to make it more intuitive and easier for you to keep a record of your CPD.  Here we explain some of the new features, along with some tips for logging your CPD.
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From zero to 30

The simpler and clearer look and feel of the CPD logging tool now enables you to see at a glance how many hours you have completed in the current membership year. Go from zero to achieving your 30 hours by following the step-by-step instructions in the CPD user guide. Download it here.

Reasons to log your CPD

There are many reasons why it’s useful to log your CPD. Not only can you download a CPD Achieved logo, email banner and certificate for every membership year in which you achieve 30 hours, but you can also print off a report of all the CPD you have undertaken every year to show to clients or as evidence for your application for a higher ITI membership grade (FITI). The ITI CPD logging tool also makes planning and budgeting for your CPD much easier.

An additional benefit is that if you are a Qualified Member or a Fellow of ITI, the CPD Achieved logo will automatically appear in your ITI Directory Profile demonstrating evidence of your commitmment to CPD to potential clients.

CPD achieved within last 5 years


💡 Useful tip:

There’s an extra benefit for Student, Affiliate or Associate members of ITI, too. If you later go on to achieve MITI status, your last five completed years of CPD will be displayed as CPD Achieved logos in your ITI Directory profile.


Additional features

CPD achieved example
You will be able to download this CPD achieved logo once you log 30 hours.

The logging tool has an option to record the cost of your training, which helps you keep a record of how much you have invested in your professional development.

You can also enter a description of what you have learned and review each piece of CPD you undertake. If possible, try to do this as soon as you have completed the activity, as it’s so easy to forget once your attention has reverted to other things.

You can also edit and delete your entries at any time during the membership year.

💡 Useful tip:

If you undertake regular CPD, such as weekly conversation classes, reading monthly journals etc, you don’t have to enter each session individually. Simply enter the total hours for the year for that particular activity (e.g. 15 hours for 30 half-hour conversation sessions) and enter the date of the last session under ‘Date completed’.


Membership year

For most ITI members, the membership year ends on 30 April, so there’s still time to log your CPD for the 2020/21 membership year and show your commitment to the profession.

💡 Useful tip:

Don’t forget that CPD can’t be backdated to a previous membership year, make a note in your diary to get all this year’s CPD recorded before 30 April (or when your membership year ends).

Ready to log your CPD?

Head over to the CPD logging tool and get started.