14 Apr 2022
by Louise Killeen

Showcase your achievements through your CPD log

As the CPD year draws to a close, Louise Killeen reflects on the benefits of a complete and up-to-date CPD log.

Maybe (probably) it’s my age, but these days I find myself frequently wondering where the time goes. Here we are in April already, with longer, lighter days to look forward to and a feeling of excitement as we start to make plans for the summer months. Many of us also find ourselves looking back at this time of year, taking time to reflect on the work we’ve done as one financial year draws to a close and a new one gets under way. We might be considering how we can manage our working relationships so that we do more of the work we enjoy doing with more of the customers we like to work with. With the ITI’s deadline of the end of April for members to log all their CPD activities fast approaching, it’s worth remembering that CPD is a highly effective marketing tool. It enables us to set ourselves apart and show how we can add value, and as such it should encourage customers to place work with us.

Time for reflection and planning

ITI members who log 30 hours of CPD for the year can download their ITI CPD achieved certificate, logo, and banner for inclusion in e-mail signatures as well as on social media platforms and websites, readily demonstrating their commitment to continuously developing their knowledge and skills.

The ITI’s CPD log is quick and easy to use, and it’s not simply a tool for reflecting on activities undertaken. Members can also use the completed log to develop a CPD plan. Some activities will be more successful than others, and if you find that a particular form of CPD suits you and you gain maximum benefit from it, you should keep a record of that. After all, CPD takes us away from our desks and paid work, so it needs to be worthwhile.

It soon adds up

30 hours a year … 2.5 hours a month … about 40 minutes a week. Formal CPD could be a half-day webinar once a month or a day at a conference once a quarter. Less formally it might be listening to a podcast in your source language or a specialist area you work in once a week whilst out walking, or watching a film or a TV series in your source language. It might even be a regular chat with a friend or colleague in your source language to prepare for those telephone calls from that one client who just prefers to chat rather than sending an e‑mail.

For most if not all of us, CPD will be a mixture of all the above, plus some activities I’ve not mentioned. Preparing and delivering a presentation, writing an article for a specialist publication, or visiting a client are just some examples that spring to mind.

A sense of direction

The ITI’s CPD log is both a carrot and a stick. It provides a sense of direction and builds confidence and credibility, whilst at the same time reminding us just how important it is to find the time to invest in undertaking CPD in its many and varied formats. Some members will log activities on the fly (ITI now logs attendance at its events for members automatically). Others might choose to keep a separate record of CPD activities undertaken and transfer the information to their logs all at once as the deadline approaches.

But whatever you do, don’t overlook logging your CPD. If you’re determined to be the best you can be – and if you’re a member of the ITI, then you should be – don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your achievements!


Log my CPD

Remember to record all CPD completed in the easy-to-use CPD log



Louise Killeen

Louise Killeen

LK Translations

Louise Killeen set up LKT in 2004 in response to market demand for increased capacity and a wider range of services, as well as to offer newcomers to the translation profession a vital first step on the career ladder. The company is certified to ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001 and its achievements have been recognised with several awards both within and beyond the language services industry. LKT is committed to raising not only standards in the translation industry but also the profile of the human translation professionals who play such a key role in oiling the wheels of our global economy. LKT also represents corporate members on the ITI’s Professional Development Committee.