What’s afoot? A specialisation session to keep, you, the nerdy and detail-oriented translator, strides ahead of the rest. Ban from your horizon shady ether operators demanding the quickest quotes and lowest rates and SPECIALISE. In-depth knowledge will help you make sense of a text more quickly and make your rendering more accurate, but it will especially give you the confidence to take on sector-specific documents which are more remunerative. This shoemaking webinar is suited to anyone who is already working in the fashion game or anyone wishing to do a deep dive into this ancient industry. But it is equally suitable for novices who want to start gaining expertise in a niche area.

Over a 50-minute period (plus 10 minutes Q&A), you will be taken through a brief history of shoemaking from pre-Roman times to today, the basics of custom shoemaking (lasts, pattern cutting, clicking and assembly), the techniques of mass shoe manufacturing from Europe to Japan, a look at leather varieties (suede, top grain, full grain, split leather…) and a breakdown of the various types of shoes (loafer, boot, Oxford, Derby, ballet flat, court….) on the market and their parts (upper, vamp, quarter, shank….).

Like modern-day cordwainers for whom a significant segment of the market remains despite mass shoe production, translators must not just tolerate artificial intelligence, but exploit it, learning to wield the tools of their trade with mastery and intelligence to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Join the Beauty, Fashion and Luxury Network for a short but informative journey through the intricacies of the footwear world.

ITI Network member: Free

ITI member fee: £10

Non-member fee: £10

Location: Online - Zoom link to be shared

Contact name: Laura Jones

Contact email: [email protected]

Booking closes: 23 June 2024

CPD hours: 1

Network website: https://www.iti.org.uk/iti-beauty-fashion-and-luxury-network.html