Chat with the Chief Executive - February

13 February 2024 1pm – 2pm GMT + Add to calendar Discussion
We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for members to engage with the ITI team – quarterly drop-in sessions with the Chief Executive.

These informal, online meetings will be an opportunity for you to engage directly with our (relatively) new CEO and the Board of Directors. There won’t be a formal agenda, so feel free to bring up any topic you wish.

Why should you come along?

  • Engaging in dialogue: we are keen to encourage insightful conversations between members and the leadership team.
  • Contributing insights: we want to hear about your experiences and to understand more about the workplace issues that members face so that we can fine tune our policy and advocacy work.
  • Exchanging ideas: we need your help to ensure that ITI continues to flourish and grow. These sessions will provide an opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas for how to improve what we do.
  • Networking: we want to offer members an opportunity to forge connections with colleagues working in different specialisms and places.
  • Fostering collaboration: we hope to build a deeper understanding of our collective vision for ITI and the translation and interpreting professions.

So, if there’s something that you’d like to share with us over a lunchtime chat, grab your sandwiches and a cup of coffee and join the conversation. And please encourage your colleagues to come along too – everyone is welcome.