We’re a vibrant group of over a hundred professional translators and interpreters with as many stories to tell. With different career backgrounds, professional interests and specialist subjects, we all offer something unique. What we have in common are our polished skills providing language services to or from Italian.

Over half our members have been in the business for more than 10 years, which is no mean feat! With our highly developed linguistic and cultural knowledge and breadth of experience in a range of sectors, members provide a professional service to suit their clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on the words and speech we carefully craft.

We are mostly freelancers with some in-house linguists, offering a rich tapestry of expertise to share among peers.


The network aims to be a supportive professional space for members.

As part of the UK’s Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), the network operates in English, but members are always free to communicate in Italian in our online member forum and at all our events.

With our vast range of training and networking events throughout the year, reaching the ITI’s recommended minimum 30 hours of professional CPD a year is a walk in the park. And we share any information we think might be of interest to each other, to provide further food for thought. For more information on what we get up to, see the Reports & Gallery section.


Our membership base is predominantly in the UK and Italy, but we have members dotted around the world. Curious? Take a look at this map showing where you can find us (as of January 2022).

Travel, of course, comes with the territory in this line of work and is an integral part of our professional development. At any one time, some of us might be en route to a conference, an interpreting gig or a vital CPD mission to the Amalfi Coast…

We currently hold our events online, so there are no geographical limits to our reach. We’ve also organised in-person events to tie in with the ITI’s biennial conference, as well as translation workshops in London and ad hoc member meet-ups elsewhere.

We’re always keen to get together when we can, and we welcome ideas and input from members.


Our network has been around since the 1980s and continues to go from strength to strength, with new members joining every year.

There’s always something happening with a full calendar of events, so it’s never a bad time to sign up!


The group was created over 40 years ago to help members develop their skills and networks within the translation and interpreting profession and to promote standards of excellence. What began as an email exchange has evolved into a thriving online and in-person community.

We want this to be a supportive group for members to grow as professionals and feel part of something special. All Italianists are welcome to join and share their story.


The network runs on the energy of a dedicated team of volunteer ITI members.

Here’s who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes:

Selene Genovesi – Coordinator

“Ciao a tutti, I have a MA in Translation and I love translating medical and technical texts from English, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian. I would love to tip my toes into literary translation, maybe one day! If I’m not working, I’m usually with my theatre group, in a gym or hidden behind a good book. Being Coordinator of the Italian Network is a privilege and I thrive on the enjoyment our members get from our events.”

Along with

Deputy Coordinators:

Charlotte Fleming

Caroline Bennett

Tania Lanes

Sandra Silipo


Ilenia Morelli

To get in touch, email [email protected] or connect with us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. We’d love to carry on the conversation online."