Membership FAQs



Q: How do I log into the My ITI members’ area on the ITI website?

A: To log in to the members’ area, just click on Login and enter your registered email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, click on Reset my password and follow the instructions.


Q: Can I become a member if I am not based in the UK?

A: Yes. 20% of ITI members are not based in the UK and you do not have to be a UK citizen or resident to become a member.

Q: How much experience do I need to have as a translator or interpreter in order to apply for an individual membership?

A: Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned practitioner with many years of professional experience, ITI offers a membership category to suit you at every stage of your career.

Q: How much does it cost to apply, and how can I pay for my membership?

A: Click here for details of all ITI individual and corporate member application and membership fees, together with information about how to pay. Please refer to the application and membership terms and conditions.

Q: Can I pay for my membership by Direct Debit?

A: Although it is not possible to pay your initial membership fees by Direct Debit, you can renew your membership by Direct Debit  and thus receive a discount of 2.5% on your membership renewal fee.  Please contact the Membership Officer at [email protected].

How do I apply?

Q: Why should I join ITI?

A: ITI offers a range of benefits to all our members, both individual and corporate, supporting you at every stage of your professional career. Being a member of ITI also allows you to stay fully up to date with the latest developments within our ever-evolving industry and puts you at the heart of the translating and interpreting community.

Q: How long will it take for my application to be processed?

A: Once you have submitted all the required documentation, it will usually take up to two weeks for your application to be processed. This period could be longer in peak periods or if your application has to be referred for further review.

Q: Will I get my documents that I provide to support my application returned to me once my application is complete?

A: ITI is unable to return any documents. Please therefore ensure that you only provide documents that do not need returning. ITI will accept copies of original documents and certificates.

Q: How quickly do I have to provide all of the required documentation, once I have started the application process?

A: From the date you submit your application fee, you have 12 weeks to provide ITI with all of the required application documentation. Failure to do so within this time period will result in the application being declined as an incomplete submission. You would then be required to pay the application fee again and resubmit all documentation if you wanted to apply again in the future. Always check that you will be able to meet all of the criteria and provide the documentation required prior to applying for a particular membership category.

Q: What happens if my application is not successful?

A: If you do not meet the criteria for the category of membership for which you have applied, you may be offered an alternative category of membership instead. Where this option is not available, you will be advised that your application has not been successful. You can try again in the future, as long as you are able to satisfy the requirements of the particular membership category for which you wish to apply. Please refer to the application and membership terms and conditions. ITI reserves the right to decline an application. Please note that all application fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome. 

Q: I am applying for Qualified Membership (MITI) but my degree certificate is not in English – will it be accepted?

A: Yes. Any documentation submitted that is not in English will still be reviewed and verified by ITI.

Q: How should I submit my application and supporting documents?

A: All application documents should be sent via email to [email protected] 

Q: What kind of references do I need to supply as an individual applicant?

A: For all membership categories (except Student and Affiliate membership) you will need to supply professional references. 

Q: How does membership benefit someone at an early stage in their career?

A: ITI offers a range of membership categories to those that are new to the profession, and there are many ways in which membership of ITI can benefit them. Here are just some of them:

  • ITI’s professional development, events and CPD programmes, and the knowledge and skills these provide, will help them to lay solid foundations for their career
  • Joining ITI is evidence of an individual’s commitment to professional standards and continuing to develop their knowledge in line with an evolving sector
  • Information available to ITI members on trends, careers, vacancies, research and technology is valuable to someone starting out in their career

Qualified Members

Q: How does ITI membership benefit experienced translators and/or interpreters?

A: ITI offers a range of membership categories to experienced translators and/or interpreters, and there are many ways in which membership of ITI can benefit them. Here are just some of them:

  • It provides a programme of courses, events and continuing professional development (CPD) to support professionals throughout their career
  • There are valuable networking opportunities to meet up with like-minded professionals and learn about each other’s challenges and experiences
  • It is independent evidence of the individual’s commitment to maintaining high professional standards. Qualified Members are also entitled to carry the designatory letters MITI after their name and be listed in the ITI Directory
  • The ITI website and a range of member communications help to keep them up to date with industry developments

Q: When can I become a Qualified Member?

A: If you have a minimum of 3 years' professional experience, and a relevant degree (or six years of experince without a degree), you are eligible to apply for Qualified Membership. Applicants for this category must also pass the ITI translator assessment or interpreter assessment.

ITI Assessment for Qualified Membership

Q: What is the translation assessment?

A: The translation assessment forms part of the application process for those applying for Qualified Membership (MITI) as translators. Full details can be found here.

Q: What is the interpreting assessment?

A: The interpreting assessment forms part of the application process for those applying for Qualified Membership (MITI) as interpreters. Full details can be found here.

Q: I would just like to take the assessment on its own but do not want to apply for Qualified Membership.

A: You cannot take the assessment on its own as it is not a stand-alone test. It forms part of the application for Qualified Membership and can only be completed as part of the application process for this category of membership.

Q: How much does the assessment cost?

A: Please refer to the Fees section for details of the most up-to-date costs for Qualified Membership assessment.

Q: Where do I have to attend to do the assessment for Qualified Membership?

A: All assessments are completed online from the comfort of your usual working environment or home and are carried out throughout the year.

Q: On what days can I take the assessment?

A: Translation assessments are carried out on most Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year. Once you have satisfied the documentation requirements of the Qualified Membership (MITI) category, you will then be offered the assessment. Once paid for, you will be advised of the dates that are currently available for you to choose from.

Interpreter assessment interviews are carried out throughout the year, subject to the assessor’s and the applicant’s mutual availability. The availability of all parties will be established once the assessment interview has been offered and paid for.

Q: How long do I have to book my assessment date?

A: From the date of your offer to take the assessment being issued, you have up to a year to go ahead and take the assessment.

Q: Who marks the assessments?

A: Assessments are marked by Qualified Assessor Members of ITI who are all MITI or FITI.

Q: What if I don’t agree with the assessment result?

A: If you don’t agree with the assessment result, you can appeal. Each appeal costs £252 (inc. VAT) and consists of a full re-mark/review of the assessment. If your appeal were to be successful, the appeal fee would be refunded in full.

Q: What is the assessment commentary?

A: The commentary should explain the linguistic, cultural and other issues presented by the text. This exercise is designed to illustrate the applicant’s approach and strategies when completing the translation of the text. Full details of the translation assessment commentary can be found in the Assessment Applicant Handbook, including an actual example, and on the assessment video guide below.

Guide to the ITI assessment

Q: What subjects can I choose from for the translation assessment?

A: ITI offers texts in a variety of subjects for assessment purposes. ITI is not required to test an individual’s areas of specialism, as all members are required to sign ITI’s Code of Professional Conduct confirming that they will not take on work that they are not fully competent to carry out. Applicants must choose from the subjects provided. Specific texts cannot be requested by applicants. For more details, refer to the Assessment Applicant Handbook and the video guide above.

Q: How long does it take to get the assessment result?

A: Translation assessment results are normally delivered within ten weeks, although this may be longer during holiday periods or if suitable assessors are unavailable to mark the assessment.

Interpreter assessment results are normally delivered within two weeks.

Results are always delivered as soon as they become available and applicants will be advised if there is likely to be a significant delay in their result being delivered.

Q: Can I become a member of ITI whilst waiting to complete the assessment part of my application to be a MITI?

A: Applicants who are applying for Qualified Membership (MITI) will have automatically met the criteria for Associate membership (AITI) once they have completed the first part of the application process. They will therefore be given the opportunity to join as an Associate of ITI whilst they are continuing with their MITI application.

Full application and membership terms and conditions can be found here

Corporate members

Q: How does ITI membership benefit corporate applicants?

A: ITI offers three membership categories for corporate members, depending on the type of business or organisation, each offering a range of benefits. Click here for more information about each corporate membership category.

Q: What kind of references do I need to supply as a corporate applicant?

A: For all corporate membership categories you will need to supply professional references. For more detailed information about reference requirements for corporate applicants, please refer to the specific page for the corporate category you are applying for. 

Upgrading my membership

Q: How can I upgrade my membership?

A: You can upgrade your membership at any time during the membership year. To learn more, please go to the Upgrade your membership section of My ITI.