About ISO 17100

Once you become an MITI or FITI (ITI Assessed as a translator) you can apply for ISO 17100:2015 Qualified status

ISO 17100:2015 is the internationally recognised standard for translation services and was created to respond to the market's need for a universally accepted benchmark. It is a process standard and does not define the quality of work completed; it sets standards for achieving quality by following the translation process steps it defines. The standard does not apply to interpreters.

Certification to the 17100:2015 standard is typically achieved by translation service providers. Full certification includes many elements that are not relevant to freelance translators and the process to gain certification can be costly and time consuming for an individual to complete. ITI offers an alternative, Qualified status to freelance translators that demonstrates they are compliant to the parts of the standard applicable to them.

The benefits to freelance translators of gaining ISO 17100:2015 Qualified status:

  • Sets you apart from other translators with the recognition that you are working to international standards

  • Opportunity to tender for contracts that require adherence to a recognised management system

  • Greater confidence for prospective clients that you work to the highest recognised specialist standard

  • Evidence you are a professional and forward-thinking translator

The benefits to translation service providers of being able to identify translators with ISO 17100:2015 Qualified status:

  • Gives confidence that potential translators work to a recognised standard and are committed to maintaining those standards in the industry

  • Reduces the need to spend time checking qualifications and CPD records of freelancers to ensure they meet the standard

  • Ability to search the ITI Directory using the Qualified status as a search criterion

How do I apply?

It’s quick and easy to submit your application online. If you need further advice on becoming a Qualified Member (MITI), please contact us.


If you are already an MITI or FITI (ITI Assessed as a translator), find out more about applying for ISO Qualified status.