08 Jun 2023

ITI hits 100k LinkedIn followers

NEW 100k LinkedIn followers.gif


We’re marking a big milestone on LinkedIn and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us make it to 100,000 followers!

From London, Edinburgh, Paris and Rome, all the way to New York and Buenos Aires, we have built up quite a following over the past few years on LinkedIn. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who likes, shares and comments on our content and who takes such an interest in ITI and the work that we do.

Our LinkedIn page is an important way for us to communicate with our different audiences – our wonderful community of members, companies and individuals who use the services of professional translators and interpreters, people considering moving into the profession, and those who are just fascinated by language and the amazing work that translators and interpreters do.

Having such an engaging audience encourages us to keep sharing and creating quality information.

If you’re not yet following us on LinkedIn, here are some reasons to join the 100,000+ who already are:

  • Find out about the latest news and developments in translation and interpreting
  • Meet like-minded professionals and discuss the burning issues affecting the profession
  • Learn about ITI’s training courses, webinars and other events
  • Share experiences and learn from others, whether they be translators, interpreters or clients.

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